Lifetime Super

Lifetime Super is designed for investors who would like us to automatically adjust the allocation between growth and defensive asset classes to become more conservative over time. 

If you choose Lifecycle Super, we will invest your money based on the decade in which you were born. These portfolios seek a higher rate of return during the early to mid-stages of your working life, and then transition to a more conservative and income focus later in your life, or as you approach retirement. This allocation weighting process is commonly referred to as a glide path. MCCA First Guardian seeks to manage risk by diversifying across a number of different individual investments and types of investments (asset classes).

Lifecycle, and Diversified portfolios invest across a range of asset classes.  They cover the following:

  • Australian and international shares;
  • Australian and international property securities;
  • Global infrastructure securities; and
  • Cash and cash equivalent.

Allocations to these asset classes are weighted based on decade of birth, and will change over time as described above.  New members will be allocated to one of the following funds, which will evolve its asset allocation over time.

Once an account holder selects their strategy, they will receive regular updates from MCCA First Guardian, advising of how their investment mix has changed in line with the glide path.  MCCA First Guardian will also make active asset allocation decisions, within allowed ranges, to position each portfolio appropriately for investment conditions globally at that time.

For more info please see the Members Guide.

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