How We Invest

We invest with purpose, experience and strong Islamic values, that gives you the confidence that your money is not invested in an unethical way.

 Our main objective is to maximise members’ investment returns whilst adhering to ethical principles. To achieve this we abide by clearly defined socially responsible investment guidelines and we utilise a multi- style investment approach, well diversified across asset classes. We believe this allows us to
take advantage of future gains, whilst offering a balanced, well- structured portfolio.

In implementing our approach, MCCA First Guardian will attempt to seek out companies that are:

Environmentally Responsible

MCCA First Guardian will look to invest in environmentally friendly companies and assess their environmental management and performance. This criterion is about assessing a company’s efforts to reduce and avoid environmental pollution.

       Socially Responsible

MCCA First Guardian will invest along socially responsible criteria in which both internal (employee relations and labour practices)
and external (stakeholder and community relations) aspects are assessed. Social criteria are based on worldwide minimum standards and best practices and also take into account the manner in which companies deal with human rights issues internally, in their supply chain and in the communities in which they operate. We consider communities in both a local, and global sense.

       Governance/Economically Responsible

MCCA First Guardian will review companies for transparency, assessing their financial robustness, clear strategic guidance and good governance. Companies will be monitored as to how they adapt
to changing market demands, sustainability trends and macro- economic driving forces. These criteria measure a company’s ability to make use of the economic benefits of sustainability and good management.

Roll your superannuation over 

We Invest in Shari’ah Compliant industries such as:
Investment INfo
Avoiding industries that earn their income through unethical products such as:
Prohibited Things