1226 Old Burke Road Kew East VIC 3102


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MCCA Asset Management Limited (the Manager) offered investors an opportunity to invest in a boutique property development project known as The Mullum Mullum Development 1226 Old Burke Road Kew East VIC 3102 Sub Scheme Investment (Sub scheme). This investment comprises:

  • The development of three luxury boutique homes in the prestigious and tightly held Victorian
    suburb of Kew East in Melbourne’s Inner East.
  • The Sub Scheme Investment comprises the acquisition of the subject land with plans
    and permits from an unrelated third party for $2.65 million inclusive of costs.
  • A further $1.919 million is required to develop the three luxury homes. The total resales for
    the homes are expected to total $5.90 million.
  • It is expected that the Sub Scheme project will have a lifespan of 12 months from the time
    of acquisition of the subject land to final settlement of the development.

 NOTE: $3.05 Million been raised and FUND is CLOSED.


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