Finance for Non Residents

For the purposes of this Underwriting Policy, a Non-resident is deemed to be any person without permanent residency status in Australia, and/or any person who resides and is employed in another country.


  1. Must be a High Net Worth Client with net surplus assets greater than $500,000.
  2. When calculating the net asset position, the inclusion of international assets such as stated real estate and/or investments is permitted.
  3. Where one client is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand and the other client is a non-resident as per above definition, any proposal will be assessed under Standard LMI Underwriting Policy and not under the Non- Resident policy.
  4. Non-resident Self-Employed, company or business borrowers are excluded.


  1. Standard income and employment policies are to apply. Acceptable income evidence must be translated into English and converted into Australian Dollars using the current exchange rate.
  2. A maximum of 90% of overseas income converted to Australian dollars may be used for serviceability purposes.


Where required, must obtain written evidence that Foreign Investment Review Board approval has been granted.


Description: Amlak is based on Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek (lease to own)

Maximum Finance & LVR:             Up to $500,000                  80% LVR

                                                         $500,001 - $750,000         75% LVR                                             

Maximum Exposure (per client):     $500,000              80% LVR

                                                            $750,000              75% LVR

Product Availability:      Standard Funder Mortgage Insurance (LMI) only.

Payment frequency:      Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly

Extra payment:              You can do extra payments at any time

Splits:                                Up to 4

Offset account:                  Available

Redraw :                            Available

Construction:                    Not available for this product

Vacant Land:                     Not available for this product

Internet banking:            Yes


Fees for applying for finance

Application fee:               $555.00

Valuation fee:                  $235.00 (this may vary with property value)


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