Client Reviews

Ramzi ElsayedRamzi Elsayed, Doncaster VIC

I chose to invest funds in the MCCA Income Fund. I found all staff friendly and extremely accommodating to the extent where they even came to me to have documentation signed. I would recommend everyone to invest in this fund without hesitation. I think what it offers is the opportunity for someone with funds for short term or long term investments because it will allow someone to obtain a halal return on funds which they may not be able to obtain from conventional means. It’s not just about getting returns but it’s also the flow on benefits beyond the halal returns and that includes hopefully gaining Allah’s pleasure which hopefully leads to benefitting ones  worldly and hereafter affairs.


Elsayed S. Kandil

Elsayed S. Kandil, Smithfield NSW

For years, I have been involved in MCCA and having shares with my extra money. When retired, I received a sum of money which I wanted to invest in an Islamic way. MCCA was the natural choice. Despite the fact that I had come across several alternatives but I saw them disappear for one reason or another. MCCA was the trusted institution for my investment. Over time, the return was quite impressive! So I found no need but to continue. I would recommend others to invest in the MCCA Income Fund without any hesitation! The obvious reason is the trustworthy performance that puts me at ease with Allah (swt), while bringing me Halal income!


Ghayass Sari

Ghayass Sari, Yagoona NSW

I chose to invest in the MCCA Income Fund because I believe MCCA offers Halal investment options and mortgage too. So far so good, though I would like to hear more about the achievement of MCCA out there in the community. I would like to see more investment in the commercial sector and start /build up a Community Waqf /Trust. Would I recommend people to invest in the MCCA Income Fund? Of course I would without any hesitation. To see MCCA growing with the community needs, this requires the support of the whole community. Also, because I would like to see more successful Islamic institutions in all aspects of our community.