The MCCA Income Fund

Australia’s Premier Shariah income Investment

 The MCCA Income Fund distinguishes itself from other income investments that may have been offered to Australian Muslim investors.

  1. It is a fully compliant Shariah income investment that only directly invests in investments that meet Shariah investment guidelines.
  2. Investments are spread over many property types and clients providing diversification for your investment portfolio.
  3. The investment has been sanctioned by respected Shariah Advisors to confirm it meets Islamic finance and investment principles.
  4. The investment is regulated by Australian securities law and the MCCA Income Fund is a registered investment with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.
  5. The MCCA Income Fund is designed to provide competitive returns for an ethical investment.

 Once you have read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) , please contact us for details of investment opportunities. For PDS and forms click here

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