Two Decades of Growth

MCCA ushers the new era with a new logo

Today, 23 years strong and with over $650 million in finance facilitated for through MCCA in Australia, Islamic Finance in Australia is due to enter a new era of growth, prosperity and opportunity. By successfully fulfilling the home finance needs of the Muslim community over the past two decades, it is now time to recognize that there are other financial needs of Muslims in Australia.

Prof. Akhtar Kalam introduces the new MCCA logo and its significance.

A new era is before us. To symbolize the importance of such a change, we are excited to present to you our new logo. A symbol of development and innovation, yet a maintained recognition of our deep rooted traditional Islamic grounding.

The various shapes within the new logo depict a profound meaning of dedication and purpose. Beginning with the square like shape that is at the centre of our logo, this symbolizes the Ka‘bah, the holiest place on Earth, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Being at the centre of our corporate identity, the Ka‘bah shows our profound dedication to the dictates of Islam, a Sacred Tradition, a principle around which all our activities revolve.

Moreover, the triangular formation is the compass direction from Australia to the Ka‘bah, known as the Qiblah. This is a further emphasis and a reinforcement that not only do our activities revolve around the adherence to Islamic principles, but further, Islam is what guides and directs the organization as a whole. Lastly, the newly born crescent (hilāl) to the left of the logo is a symbolization of an entrance into a new era as an organization.

When one looks at the new logo as a whole, it may strike the eye that it may seem as though it’s a sailing ship. Perhaps a trader, taking the risk to sail the seas in anticipation of bringing growth and prosperity to a thriving population. A ship guided by a framework of Sharī‘ah principles, a compass and a clear destination, and a renewed vision.

Welcome to the new era of MCCA. Welcome to MCCA.