My Self Managed Super

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is your own personal Super Fund that gives you total control over how your Super is invested. A SMSF is perfect for the DIY Investor who prefers to make their own investment choices for their retirement rather than leave their Superannuation to be invested by others. There is no minimum amount required to setup a SMSF, however due to the cost of running a SMSF, your accountant or financial planner may recommend that you have a minimum amount before it becomes feasible for you to setup a SMSF. In this respect a SMSF can be made up of up to 4 members, which helps in sharing costs and managing your fund.

A clear advantage of a SMSF is that you have control over what your Superannuation is invested into. Such discretion allows you the ability to ensure that your funds are not invested in non-Shari’ah compliant or unethical means, something you currently may have limited influence over.

If you decide to establish a SMSF after consultation with your financial advisor, you may invest your funds in the MCCA Income Fund. This is a low-risk and ethical investment option with promising returns, ensuring your priorities are considered when it comes to investing your Superannuation.

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