Our Community

From its birth, the core function of MCCA was to serve the needs of the Australian Muslim community. Having progressed significantly from its humble beginning and achieved substantive growth and success in the Islamic Finance sector, MCCA is still driven and steered by a com­mitment to the Community.

Our dependence on the Community and the constant appreciation and acknowl­edgement of this through our Community work and contributions, distinguishes us from other Islamic Finance providers and will continue to distinguish us if retail banks ventured into this market.

The corporate structure of MCCA, al­though in a phase of transition, has always been and will always be one that does not give ownership of the organization to one person or family. MCCA is an organiza­tion owned solely by its member share-holders. With over 8,000 members who own MCCA, it is not accurate to catego­rize MCCA as anything but a community organization.

Nonetheless, in the interest of the community, MCCA has never ceased to assess the social needs of the community and contribute towards the development and sustainability of a prospering society. For over 25 years MCCA has been actively involved in giving back to the community by sponsoring mosques, schools, businesses, community organizations, sports clubs and community events.

The community is the backbone of MCCA. It was established by the commu­nity and the community is the beneficiaries of MCCA. If the entire Muslim commu­nity decided to go overseas today, MCCA will collapse and cease to exist. MCCA is a well recognized and known community focused organization. The facts only work towards verifying this claim. It’s not all about positive publicity through socially responsible behaviour. It is a level of social responsibility beyond the usual prac­tice of profitable corporations. In the year 2011, MCCA contrib­uted close to 35% of annual profit towards community sponsorships and donations.

Members of the community see this and we know this be­cause there is an emotional attachment people have with MCCA that makes them enduring, patient and loyal clients always wanting the best for the organization. Without this emotional attachment people have towards MCCA, people would not have remained loyal at times when waiting lists were 12 months long and return on investment was a mere 1% p.a.