MCCA Property Fund Investment Opportunities

We are often on the look out for outstanding property investment projects and establishing the foundation of our generation and many to come. Aiming to provide amazing return to our property investors. 

MCCA's Property Fund distinguishes itself from any other property investments.

  1. It is a fully compliant Shariah property investment that only directly invests in properties that meet Shariah investment guidelines.

  2. It is not a pooled investment, This means that selected property investments are presented as a Subscheme investment to you for your approval before investment. Therefore only YOU and no one else decides whether you invest in the Sub-scheme property investment presented to you. The performance of your investment is not affected by other property investments managed by us and not relevant to your Sub-scheme investment.

  3. The investment is regulated by Australian securities law and the MCCA Property Fund is a registered investment with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

  4. The MCCA Property Fund provides an investment opportunity for Muslims and non Muslims to invest in a variety of ethical property investments.

To take advantage of the investment opportunity, you need to download the following Product Disclosure Statement and the Property Description Statement.


Product Disclosure Statement and forms

          MCCA_PF_DD.jpg   NZ_Investor_Disclosure_MCCA_PF_P1.jpg

Property Description Statement (Projects Open for new investors)

            New Projects Coming Soon2.jpg

Projects under Construction (closed for new investors)

  1. 42 Grant Crescent Ringwood VIC 3134
  2. 1226 Old Burke Road Kew East VIC 3102

            Mullum_PDS_B_p1.jpg   Kew East PDS.jpg


Projects Completed:

  1. 10 Almay Grove Heidelberg VIC 3084

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