MCCA Limited - About Us

MCCA started operating in 1989 as a registered cooperative in the inner Melbourne suburb of Burwood with $20,000 and a vision to address the financial, banking and investment needs of the Australian Muslim community by offering Shari’ah Compliant housing finance products.

In 2014 MCCA celebrated its 25th birthday – a significant milestone for the business and a testament to its steadfast commitment to the organisation’s vision and values of Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Faith and People.


To sustain our leadership as a provider of Islamic finance and wealth management services catering to the needs of Australian Muslims, by offering more innovative solutions to empower our community.


Demonstrate commitment and service to Australian Muslims by offering quality financial solutions that are profitable, sustainable, convenient, and Shariah compliant.


  • we are equitable and honest in our dealings with colleagues, business partners, and customers.

  • Excellence
    We strive for excellence on a daily basis, inspired by the prophet's Hadith SAAW "Allah loves those who master their work or do it to perfection" (Itqan).

  • Innovation
    We relentlessly search for and create new ways to improve our products and services. We have open communication channels on our social media to listen and attend to our clients feedback. 

  • Our People
    We create an environment that attracts and nurtures talent.

  • Faith
    At all times and in everything we do, we are committed to the accepted principles of Islam.